Splish Splash 2013

Our family has been enjoying a busy and fun-filled summer.  Today, we took a group of some pretty awesome Youth Group students and spent the day at Splish Splash.  Fun Fact:  It’s actually been listed on quite a few top ten lists for the best water parks in the United States.


For the most part, I left my little camera safe and dry in the rental locker.  Water parks and cameras aren’t the best combination.  While our youth group students were out and about being amazing and bravely enjoying a variety of thrilling water rides, our family enjoyed a few of the smaller slides and then completely embraced the peaceful beauty that is the Lazy River.  When we took a break for lunch, I grabbed the camera and promptly took a picture of this little guy, because he was kind of just cool like that.


Lunch was a great opportunity to catch up with our students.


It was also a great time to refuel on overpriced fried park foods that always just seem to hit the spot after a morning in the water park.


At this point, I also took time to take some pictures and hand out picture awards accordingly.  Here goes.

Lois, you win the award for Most Likely to Brave the Sun Two Days in a Row (due to the call of sheer fun).


Sam, you win Cutest Braids.


Michael…  Best Superhero Stare


Dakota:  Cutest Picture Award


Victoria:  You win, The Best Love of Ketchup Award


Jade.  Best Mustache, of course.


Jer.  Best Photo Bomb


And Finally, Cutest Couple.  Congratulations to our incredible youth group for being so awesome.


After lunch, Christian got the chance to hang out in the park with our dear friends Sami and Lois.  Good times.


After they left, Jer, looking deep in thought, asked:


“Is the picture of the ‘Hot Flyer’ supposed to encourage or discourage people from ordering it?”  Um, yeah, I’m not quite sure.  The name could be better too.  I mean, if you’re asking people to pay $8.99 for something, there should be a little more appeal, in my humble opinion.


Moving on.  Jer, Ellee and I enjoyed some time at the Bigger Kiddie Pool.  Ellee has graduated from the littler ones to the bigger one and spent most of the afternoon there.  Afterwards, we took one final lap around the Lazy River.  Then we headed out to get one of my most favorite treats of all time.  It’s funny, because Dippin Dots was the “Ice Cream of the Future” in the 90s, when I first had it on family vacation when I was in elementary school.


I have to admit, it’s still as good now as it was back then.


Ellee was a fan.  I wonder if it will still be the “Ice Cream of the Future” when she is grown?


At the end of our trip, we gathered to our meeting place to round up the troops.


It was good to see all of the kids again.  They were happy, after a fun day well spent.


We gathered up for one last picture and then began our drive home.


Steve-O asked if I was going to blog about our day, and I told him that I would.

Here it is Steve-O.  You get the award for being awesome and for keeping up with my Blog.


Hope you all enjoyed a fun Summer Monday too!

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