Hershey Park 2013

We spent this weekend at the “Sweetest Place on Earth” otherwise known as Hershey Park.  It’s one of my favorite Youth Group trips, and the one time a year that I look forward to “camping.”


This year, we brought along a few “little” friends…


And a good number of big ones as well.


I spent a good part of the day with Ellee and her buddies.  They mastered the art of all kinds of rides.


Jer spent a good part of the day running around to all of the crazy rides with these cool kids.  They managed to get quite a few rides in before the park got terribly busy.


Our dear friends, the Griffins joined us this year and we got to introduce them to all things fun at Hershey Park.


One of them being the Zoo, where they have a few real live bears, and this scary diagram of other bears of the world.  It appears from the picture that Christian might be able to take on the Black Bear, but wouldn’t stand a chance against a Polar Bear.


Later in the day, we met up with Daddy, which made this little girl super happy.


We also got to see more of our friends, including these two newlyweds.


After our tour of Chocolate World, we checked out the gift shop.


And if you’re wondering, yes, they do have the World’s Largest Hershey’s Kiss.  Steve-O knows where to find it.


After a little shopping, we walked over to the water park to hang out on this cool contraption.  Except that it was way more chaotic than cool, and after losing my kids a few times, we decided to move on.


We found this cool slide


And met up with more friends for the afternoon.


It was a long day, but a great day.


This year, Ellee conquered her fear of roller coasters and took on the Trailblazer.  She rocked it.


And to prove I was there, I thought I’d add this picture.  Granted, I’m most comfortable behind the camera, but every now and then, I figure I’d better show up in a few pictures.


We discovered the art of getting our kids a fun toy for only a few dollars at this fishing game.


Both kids walked away with stuffed animals that they will love, probably way more than the $2 we spent on them.


Ellee also mastered the art of driving antique cars.  This was by far her favorite ride, and we took quite a few turns having Ellee drive us around.  All I have to say is, it’s cute when she’s six, but I wonder if it will still be cute when she’s sixteen?  Hopefully more cute than scary.


Our evening ended with Dippin Dots.  By the way, my kids are never so happy as when they have a nice cup of Dippin Dots.  I’m sure they get that from me.


Jer got his traditional funnel cake and we helped him eat it, because we are a kind family like that.


While Jer and C took one last ride, Ellee and I decided to check out the arcade.  She happened to win a crazy amount of tickets, and we ended up walking out with a pink rain umbrella and lots of little trinkets as well.  In a crazy turn of events, that umbrella came in handy, because about five minutes later, it started to downpour and didn’t stop for a solid hour.


After walking through the entire park, half dry because of the umbrella and half soaking wet because there was a river of water all throughout the park, we finally met up with our group.  They thankfully found a few ways to stay dry as well.


Needless to say, it was a pretty wet night.  Camping and rain are two things that never really go all that well together.


This year, we bought a new tent, which had a cool screened in porch on it.  After our storm, it turned into a not so cool front porch pool.  It was then I noticed this little note.  Good to know.


It was a little crazy.  And a little wet.  But we all survived and it makes for a more interesting story, that’s for sure.  A huge thanks to everyone who joined us for an amazing and memorable weekend!


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