Free Car Wash 2013

They say that the best things in life are free.  And yesterday, if you happened to be driving around Eastport, you might have seen a perfect example of this.  And if you happened to stop by Eastport Bible Church between 2-5pm, you got to experience one of these “best things” at our Totally Free Car Wash.


A Totally Free Car Wash is a beautiful thing, in my mind.  Even more awesome, is when one of your youth group students decides to head the whole thing up on his own initiative.  That would be this guy.  He had heard that we had done them in the past, and he wanted to do something awesome, so he put it together, got the word out, and spent three hours of his day cleaning cars for free.  Because he’s awesome.  And he loves Jesus.


Insert cute picture of Victoria and Katie.  Because they are awesome.


Moving on.  I have to say, the kids did a great job.


Sure, they had fun.


But they also worked hard.  And they did it all, for free.  It’s not that people didn’t try to compensate them for their labor.  I saw everything from ones to twenties being offered for a donation.  But each and every time, our students got to share some of the love.  They got to share that they were doing this as a service for our community, and they weren’t accepting anything for it.


People were perplexed.  But they were also blessed.  Because so often, it’s easy to look as teens and judge them based on the craziness of their world.  It’s easy to think the worst, because often times, that’s what our society sees.  But in the midst of those perceptions, there are good kids, doing great things.  And that’s what we love to see, in our youth ministry, in our community and in our world.

A huge thanks to the kids that participated yesterday.  I put together a short video, so you can see the great times that happened at our Totally Free Car Wash.

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