Hi Parents! I hope all of you are doing well.  We have a full and fun late Spring and Summer planned for our youth ministry here at Eastport Bible Church.  Our schedule below details all of our upcoming events in May and June.  During the Summer (July and August starting July 19th), our youth group nights will be every Wednesday and we will go to the beach. We will meet every Wednesday night at 6pm, then drive together to Rogers Beach, then return for pick up at 8:30pm.
Our main event for the Summer is NTS Camp (Stands for “Never the Same”). It is an incredibly fun, impactful week of camp and we would love to have you child(ren) join us for this potentially transformative week. We are having an NTS Parent Information Meeting this Thursday, May 18th at 6pm @ church if you would like to come and find out more information.  NTS CAMP INFORMATIONhttp://bit.ly/2pGp1G5
Our annual 30 Hour Famine is coming Friday, June 2nd.  We would love to have your child participate in this effort to eradicate hunger and poverty around the world.  For more 30 Hour Famine information:  http://bit.ly/2rbysxu
Every Thursday: EBCYG (7-12th grade Youth Group) 7-9pm
Every Sunday: Eleven (Bible Study) 11am
Every Sunday: The Living Room @ Herr’s (7-8pm)
May 18th: NTS Camp Parent Meeting (6-6:30pm)
May 19th: First & Third: Mario Kart Tournament @ Herr’s House (7-8:30pm)
June 1st: EBCYG (7-9pm)
June 2nd: 30 Hour Famine 2017 (5-10pm)
June 8th: 6th Grade Party!!! (7-9pm… an event to welcome all of our 6th graders into our youth ministry)
June 16th: Graduate Party and Foursquare Tournament (7-9pm)
June 23rd: Thunderball Tournament (6-8pm)
WEDNESDAYS JULY & AUGUST (Starting July 19th): EBCYG @ The Beach (we meet at church at 6pm, go to Roger’s Beach in Westhampton, then return for pick up at 8:30pm)
July 9-14th: NTS Camp 2016
August 7-11th: Serving at Vacation Bible School (VBS)
If you have any further questions, or if you would like any information on any of our upcoming events, please let me know.  
Jeremy Herr
(631) 375-7159

Hi parents! We are so thankful for you and your family. We are here for all of you and we wish to serve you in any way we possibly can.  We have a Facebook group for all parents of our students and we would love to have you join it as an enhanced form of communication for all of our EBCYG happenings.

Enter our Parent’s Facebook Group HERE

We are here for you, please let us know if you have questions, needs, or concerns. Thanks,

Pastor Jeremy Herr

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